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Discover Your True Self: Safe Space for Inner Exploration and Alchemy

I facilitate a safe space for you to explore the inner workings of your mind, your behaviours and beliefs so you can alchemize and remember who you are as a Divine Being.

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Do You?

Do you often feel disconnected not just from others but yourself? Do your emotions overwhelm you to the point that you avoid them, distract yourself from them, sometimes using addictive substances and/or behaviours? Do you feel “too sensitive” and afraid to be authentic for fear of judgement? Does your childhood issues and traumas still affect you in the present, stopping you from being truly happy? Do you feel stuck, unable to live a fulfilled life and shine your authentic light?

I used to be that way, suffering from depression, taking antidepressants, addiction problems, low self- esteem, feeling disconnected and deeply unhappy. I was living aimlessly in an unhappy marriage, following a career path that just wasn’t for me, until I suffered my second mental breakdown, ended up in rehab and really looked deep within my soul to find all the answers to my unhappiness.

My journey of self-discovery and healing has brought me to a place of self- acceptance, unconditional love and able to shine my light with no apology; and following my souls’ purpose of helping others on their healing journey. My name is now Angel Abitha Chi and I am The Starseed Alkhemist.

Welcome to my website. If what you have read resonates with your soul and you wish to heal, feel connected and whole, be at ease, live an authentic and fulfilled life, require a healthier relationship with yourself and others s then you will find the help you need right here. Namastu

Meet Me

I AM a Healer of the Soul and I go by the title of The Starseed Alkhemist. I am an empath; a sensitive soul who has alchemised my pain and trauma now able to embrace my sensitive nature as my SUPERPOWER. I am a Counsellor, Soul Coach, Shamanic Practitioner and Sacred Celebrant and Author working with  sensitive souls, healing,  saving lives and  bringing joy through sacred ceremonies. My name is Angel Abitha Chi (formerly Yvonne J Douglas). As a powerful conduit for spirit my reincarnation mission is to help you heal your soul on a deep level. I work with sensitive souls helping you to tap into your true power, remember who you truly are and recognize that being sensitive is not a weakness but an absolute strength. I have the ability to see beyond the realms of ordinary reality and into the Akashic Records; feeling and connecting with you so our work together is always for your highest good.

By working with me your life will be transformed, or what I like to call “alchemised”. Assisting you on your awakening, and soul evolution to enlightenment enabling you to walk on your unique path, in flow, harmony, passion, abundance, empowerment and magic.

Work With Me

Transform Your Life and Unleash Your Inner Power with My Guidance

Holistic Ascension Sessions

Everyone needs a safe space to express themselves without judgement. These sessions are a fusion of counselling, coaching and spiritual healing that will bring about amazing changes in as little as 6 sessions. They will allow you to explore your inner world, make sense of it and heal your inner child wounds. If you prefer regular longer term counselling then please do inquire.

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Angel's Tribe - Online Community

Our online community for those who love to work in groups and are looking for like minded souls who are also on the journey of healing and ascension. This community will give you access to all our digital products (35+) as well as weekly or monthly checks ins with Angel depending on the package you choose. Join Angel's Tribe and become a part of a movement for enlightened souls who are committed to creating an impact in this ever changing world.

Soul Retrieval

The sessions will take up to 2 hours where we will clear, cleanse, remove attachments and energetic blocks and retrieve soul fragments that have fractured off due to trauma.

After the session you will start to feel more whole, the practice helps to unlock your power within, so you can overcome anxiety, pain, and trauma, and will be able to move forward in your life with more ease, clarity, passion and purpose. Living life to your highest potential.

Ancestral Healing

When we are born we inherit 75% of our parents "Stuff", that is quite an astounding amount, this also means we inherit our ancestral traits. Oftentimes we are told that a certain condition or illness is hereditary making us believe that we cannot do anything about it. This keeps us stuck in old worn out ancestral patterns and behaviours. The thing is we can heal on a cellular and DNA level breaking old patterns. The more we heal the more we heal the ancestral continuum. If you require some specific ancestral healing you can book here.


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Emotional Intelligence

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Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

“Angel is an amazing inspirational woman who radiates love, light and harmony. She is truly gifted and spiritual and I feel in the presence of greatness which allowed me to open up and dig deep. I highly recommend working with Angel and look forward to engaging with her further.”

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