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See clients who committed and are slaying... 

The End of an Era!

“Although today was the end of an era it was also the beginning of me stepping out on my own two feet (no pun intended) Thanks to @angel.abitha for being my amazing therapist and spiritual guidance counsellor for the last two years. Thank you for guiding me and helping me be a better version of myself so I can be a better podiatrist and business Owner. I can only give my best when I’m operating and vibrating at highest and my sessions with @angel.abitha has enabled this. Thanks for helping me claim what’s mine and walk in my authenticity.”

Cherene Bennett - Sole2Sole Podiatry

See the goddess who have worked with me and are flourishing and thriving.

Angel is a great listener

......with a warm and nurturing spirit. You can tell that she loves her work and is 100% present and there to guide you. Angel began with what I thought was an informal chat, but this part of the session was just as important to identifying the root issues of my symptoms. During the healing session I could literally feel the energy block moving out of my body which was a little intense but I felt safe in her hands. Afterwards Angel suggested some oils and tinctures to support the healing process. Very grateful. For anyone on this (sometimes lonely) spiritual path, I’d highly recommend Angel as a coach for spiritual counsel or healing therapy sessions

iOla Williams - Owning it with iOla

You're Amazing Angel

“You’re amazing Angel and I can’t wait to finish your books! Sisters, I highly recommend you to go to her highly vibrational events in London. Thanks to her, I’m reconnecting with my ancestors after finally opening up about my own old channeling experiences I kept inside for too long because of fear! Today I am embracing my own intuition on a so much deeper level and using my gifts to follow my calling.

Sarah-Joanne Ashurst - Psychic Reader/Healer 

Angel Saved my life

“I confirm. I’m the one Angel saved from dying on Friday and I’ll never thank her enough. I’m still speechless from what happened… You all have no idea… But Angel is the most powerful shaman I’ve met. She could have given up after an hour… But she was persistent for 3 hours though it was very intense. If I’m still here breathing it’s because of the power of her mind, Divine gifts and incredibly honourable heart. I recommend her to everyone and for everything she practices.”

"When you can survive death, you can survive everything. Here I begin again, you don't always get a second chance to live. Thank you for having spent 3 hours on doing everything to save my life! My soul needed a retrieval as it's been in the sky but at least I'm breathing and walking. So much love for you Angel."


Healing core beliefs

Before attending Yvonne's Your Soul Discovery workshop I was struggling to understand why I was unable to sustain a healthy , loving relationship . During the workshop I uncovered and healed three major core beliefs that were really holding me back in my life and business . I also released a lot of pent up anger , sadness and frustration and learned a lot about myself and having really healthy boundaries . After the workshop I have been able to really stand for myself and what I want in a loving , powerful way . I truly feel empowered to ask for what I want and create the life I want , totally knowing that I am worthy , deserving and loveable . Angel is an utterly amazing transformational facilitator and healer. If you are looking for an understanding , loving , non - judgemental healer and coach

Mary-Jane Boholst - Conscious Cocoon

Finally Confronting My Past

"I was really apprehensive about working with a therapist and did my best to avoid it for several years. I was first advised to get counselling after a bereavement in 2011. Fast forward to 2022, and I decided to give myself the gift of dealing with the baggage I knew I couldn't talk to anyone else about. I wanted to finally address it before embarking on the journey of launching my first business.

 I'm SO glad that my friend told me about BAATN, because culturally-appropriate therapy was of paramount importance to me. I needed someone, who had first-hand experience of being a Black woman in Britain. Racism is real. Discrimination was par for the course in the workplace. I had a lot of work-related trauma to work through on my healing journey.

I was blessed to find Angel Abitha Chi. She was the professional that I felt drawn to on my search. I was looking for someone I could work with remotely, because I'm a nomad.

I knew that everything I wanted was going to be on the other side of this process. A therapist isn't like a friend who gives great advice; she's so much more! I think Angel is a skilled and gifted practitioner, who literally saved my life.  

Thanks to her, I've been able to recognise what was harmful in my life: behaviours, conditioning and unhealthy friendships. I can honestly that I feel like a much healthier person, overall. This testimonial is just a small way of saying thank you for the life-changing experience she's given me."

Claire Fowler - Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

There is nothing wrong with me

Sheera came to me to find out what was wrong with her and to become a better daughter and wife. Instead, she began her slow and ongoing journey to healing the little girl that always heard something was ‘wrong’ with her. In her sessions with me she found her voice, learned to love herself, embraced her sensitive nature and connected to her goddess gene and is now living the life she deserves in a more loving relationship that is aligned with her values and her true nature.

If you are ready to have what they have then you know what to do

Sheera Russell