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If you want to work with Angel as part of her community why not consider joining Angel's Tribe?

Angel's Tribe is a growing online community of like minded souls coming together for mutual support.

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If you desire the following I invite you to work with me. 

Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose and Ambition

Start living your soul’s purpose to your highest potential!

  • Get clarity on and manifest your souls purpose

  • See and embrace a bigger vision

  • Create your own business based on your passion and talents

  • Career transition Open yourself up to love and abundance

Improved Relationship With Self and Others

Activate your soul’s powers and live your best life!

  • The power of connection

  • Foster healthier relationships

  • Self-mastery

  • Intuitive development

  • Living a spiritual life

  • Connecting with your spirit guides

  • The power of meditation

Personal Transformation & Healing

Move beyond surface healing & get to the root for real and lasting transformation!

  • Overcome subconscious blocks

  • Clear emotional trauma

  • Release fears and frustrations Heal ancestral DNA

  • Career transition Open yourself up to love and abundance

  • Embrace your sensitive soul

  • Be authentically you

    As a Sacred Celebrant

    I am qualified to oversee handfasting (wedding), naming re-naming and passing over ceremonies as well as leading funeral services. It fills me with much joy to be a Sacred Celebrant, holding such a beautiful and sacred space for people at the most precious times in their lives.

    Each ceremony will incorporate traditional and cultural rituals that will include your loved ones, making it a loving family affair. Rites of passage ceremonies which are finding their way back into modern living. 

    This ancient tradition lovingly guides us through each stage of our life cycle so that we feel fully prepared to step into the next phase of our life. Book me via the contact page. 

  • Ceremonial Workshops

    In addition to the main ceremonies, I am incorporating ceremony and ritual into some of my healing work; as such I now offer retreats and ceremonial workshops, which may include the use of plant medicine. With each and every ceremony, my aim is to provide a sacred space of collaboration, commitment healing, growth and support. International Feminine Retreats aim to offer you an intensive week to fully align with and fulfil your soul’s purpose.

    Ignite your divine feminine energy leaving your inhibitions behind. As you reclaim your feminine divinity you will finally be ready to sing and dance to your own innate rhythm feeling like a divine goddess in your true power. A truly transformational experience. For further information on the next retreat and If you are interested in attending  sign up to my email list where you will be kept up to date on our upcoming ceremonial workshops and retreats.


During my time walking in purpose, I have touched the hearts and souls of my audience. I have spoken at various events offering inspirational messages of hope and a compass on how to transform one’s life. My passion about ascension and embracing our divine sovereignty transcends time and space. My speaking will not only inspire and motivate you, but it will also get you laughing a little too.

Those that have heard me speak report that my aura alone helps bring about changes within them. To book me for public speaking please get in contact at [email protected].

Check out my latest book Journey of a Starseed on Amazon or my store. This book will help you on your spiritual journey of enlightenment.

Work With Me

Transform Your Life and Unleash Your Inner Power with My Guidance

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Holistic Ascension Sessions

Everyone needs a safe space to express themselves without judgement. These sessions are a fusion of counselling, coaching and spiritual healing that will bring about amazing changes in as little as 6 sessions. They will allow you to explore your inner world, make sense of it and heal your inner child wounds. If you prefer regular longer term counselling then please do inquire.

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Soul Evolution Masterclass

Join us for 3 months of learning, growing and healing. The journey begins here. You will be guided, held and experience sacred alchemy. You will gain a greater understanding of why you are here and why you have had your unique experiences. You will undergo deep healing enabling you to step into your goddess gene allowing you to feel the power of your sacred blueprint here on earth. This is a journey of commitment; a journey for your soul. Coming soon

Soul Retrieval

The sessions will take up to 2 hours where we will clear, cleanse, remove attachments and energetic blocks and retrieve soul fragments that have fractured off due to trauma.

After the session you will start to feel more whole, the practice helps to unlock your power within, so you can overcome anxiety, pain, and trauma, and will be able to move forward in your life with more ease, clarity, passion and purpose. Living life to your highest potential.

Ancestral Healing

When we are born we inherit 75% of our parents "Stuff", that is quite an astounding amount, this also means we inherit our ancestral traits. Oftentimes we are told that a certain condition or illness is hereditary making us believe that we cannot do anything about it. This keeps us stuck in old worn out ancestral patterns and behaviours. The thing is we can heal on a cellular and DNA level breaking old patterns. The more we heal the more we heal the ancestral continuum. If you require some specific ancestral healing you can book here.